Make sure you are updated to the latest stable version of PokerTracker 4 before completing these steps


  1. Fill out your username
  2. Go to "help" and "about" in PokerTracker 4 and fill in the 6 digit code and email address in boxes 2 and 3
  3. Check off your payment method
    -if you paid a different way, write it in the comments section
    -please put your pokerstars ID in the comments area if you paid via Coffeeyay method
  4. Fill out the captcha code and hit submit

You will be updated to the newest version of CoffeeHUD within 72 hours, the HUD will show up under "HUD Profiles" in PT4 upon restart.


Pokertracker 4 Information form
* indicates required field
pokertracker 6 digit code (found in "help" "about" in pokertracker 4)
found in "help" "about' in pokertracker 4


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