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 $600 Bonus | VIP


*Important Read this first if you already have a Pokerstars account.

*– If you did not sign up through sign up link when creating your PokerStars account for the first time, you will not be eligible for this special offer.



  • Our PokerStars Deposit Bonus is the best you can find online. Combine that with over 400 top quality videos unlocked when you reach $100 rake, and 500+ more unlocked as you continue to rake, we offer the very best rewards for new PokerStars players.
  • PokerStars is the largest online poker site in the world, both overall and for heads up sngs.
  • They offer buyin levels with good traffic from $1 to $5000.
  • The rake on PokerStars is at or below market rate for most buyin levels, beginning with the $7 level (4% rake) and extending through the higher buyin levels (as low as 1.2% rake).



  •  Largest playerbase
  •  Lowest rake
  •  Best game structures
  •  Premier VIP rewards system (ranging roughly 16% value for low earners, 29% for mid stakes grinders to roughly 58% for high volume players;
  • note: PokerStars does not offer rakeback, these numbers are rough estimates, visit for up to date information)




Complete these steps to ensure your new Pokerstars account gets correctly set up for the VIP Program

  1. Uninstall   the existing Pokerstars software if already installed on your computer.
    • From Windows:   Click Start > Programs > Pokerstars > Uninstall Pokerstars
    • From Mac:   Applications > Drag the Pokerstars App to the Trash
  2. Clear Cookies   – removes any Pokerstars or other affiliate cookies on your computer which may interfere with the  tracking.
  3. Make an account   at Pokerstars and enjoy the VIP treatment right away!



If you do not have a Pokerstars account you need to take the following steps to assure that you are tracked by us and consequently be eligible for our promotions.




After you have signed up with Pokerstars continue to step 3 below.

Step 3


After you have your Pokerstars account details please fill in your details below and submit.

Complete this form after Poker Room sign up
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